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Monday, July 28, 2014

The beginning

Writer at heart.

I've been an avid reader since I don't know when. I don't just nibble at books, I devour them like a sweet donut. Many characters have embedded themselves from books I've read. Or memorable lines have reappeared in my mind at appropriate times.
I collect books. I have 3 bookshelves full. Forget a reading tablet, I love the feel of a book in my hands, turning the page in anticipation.
So naturally I enjoy writing too. I've keep journals, wrote Bible studies, messages, even published a few in a magazine. But I wouldn't exactly call myself a great writer. I took a correspondence course, even went to a writer's conference. I learned a lot about the technical part of writing. And of course it has helped.
Writing is hard work. At least for me. The words don't usually flow from my mind to my fingers easily. Yea, there are the rare moments when it does. I feel that now as I'm writing this. Maybe because I'm not trying so hard....
I say that to share this; I haven't really wrote anything for awhile. I keep a journal, I wrote a letter, (yes handwritten), but not really anything to qualify as writing. I just haven't had the creative juices flowing or simply the energy and time.
I've had a life change last week. My job has shifted, literally from day shift to night shift! I did not choose this, don't want it and plain ain't happy about it at all! I've had to give up my Women's leader position at church because of it.
So I'm feeling aimless now. Wondering what I am supposed to do. I've felt a stirring late last week. I feel I should revisit my writing. I knew since February that my job will probably be changing. I've struggled and prayed since.
The Lord knows just what we need. He knows how to encourage us and keep us strong through the storms. He led me to Joseph. I've been studying Joseph all this spring. Joseph knew all about life changes didn't he?? The unfairness and injustice that happens sometimes.
I want to share with you the treasures I've accumulated. So keep tuned in. I hope you'll gain encouragement along your journey too.