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Monday, June 20, 2016

Divine Connections

Two needy people, two complete strangers meet at the city gates. Each has something for the other. It was a Divine connection. 

God blessed and fed both of them, through their faith, what they had to give. Elijah had been camped by the brook Cherith, “set apart”, fed by ravens sent by Almighty God. He was hidden from the wicked King Ahab and his equally evil Queen, Jezebel. 

Now the brook dries up and God sends him far to the north to someone he has never met. Someone just as needy.

She has no name recorded. Just the widow of Zarephath. Her food supply  dwindled to one last meal. The famine has taken its toll. She goes to gather sticks to cook this last dinner for her and her son. But God sets up this meeting with Elijah. And her life will never be the same. By faith, she had to  cook this last meal for Elijah. 

The flour and oil never ran out. They ate everyday. God brought these two needy people together. 

I’ve had many “Divine connections” in my life. Complete strangers before, that end up blessing me and changing my life. 

One such connection happened last year. Last September my neighbor came across the street and asked if I’d like to come to a Bible study. I hesitated a bit, but I said yes. This women’s Bible study met every Thursday and they were all from another church I didn’t attend. 

It was a bit out of my comfort zone to be honest. I didn’t know anyone. But they were so welcoming and gracious. I felt right at home with them. 

I walked in a complete stranger. Now almost a year later, I’ve grown to love these women. They have blessed me so much. I needed them, and hopefully I had something to give to them. 

We studied the Word together, allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, shed some tears, and laughed our heads off. We even rented a house and spent a couple of days together. 

He clearly brought us together. This has been repeated many times through my life. I never cease to be amazed at how He does this. I think about the women God has brought across my path. About how they blessed me, how I grew and changed. 

But you know, these relationships took a step of faith. I had to reach out of my safe bubble. And that’s not always easy for me to do. I need to feel safe. But honestly how many relationships feel “safe”? 

We all have our “issues”, but we all are needy people. You have something to give to me. And vice versa....I have something to give to you. 

Can we lay aside our agendas, judgements, comparisons, and insecurities?  So we can bless and serve each other? 

I want to encourage you today to take that step of faith. Reach outside yourself to that person God has placed across your path. It may be a Divine connection. 

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rambling Thursdays

I’ve been busy as a bee the past month in the garden. Spreading mulch, planting flowers, transplanting, weeding, spraying. Finally I’ve been able to take a breath and start to enjoy my flowers. One of my favorites are Lilies. 

In my flower gardens I have plenty of them. I consider them a staple, a must have in any garden. They are easy to grow, no fuss, no maintenance.  The perfect perennial. 

There are three different kinds of lilies and in today’s Rambling Thursdays let’s take a look at them.  

Daylily. I have many daylilies and to be honest they can be addictive. They are so easy to grow and in a few years they expand and will need to be thinned out. There is a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from. 

The reason it’s called a daylily is because every morning there will be a new flower. But don’t worry, there will be so many blooms that you’ll enjoy them for weeks. 
They prefer full sun, but they do well in partial sun as well. There are many different varieties that will bloom early summer through mid-late summer. I have one that will even rebloom in the fall. Most of my flowers are daylilies. Simply can’t go wrong.

Asiatic Lily. Asiatic lilies are grown from a bulb that you plant in the fall or spring.  Again, just like a daylily, they are a low maintenance flower. There are many different colors and patterns as well. They are so beautiful and add such appeal to my garden. They just “pop”. 

The flowers last a long time and a single stalk can be full of blooms. Plant them in full or partial sun and you’ll have a beautiful show the first half of the summer. 

Since it is a bulb, it won’t take up much room. Also in a few years you may need to dig them up and spilt them, which will give you more. 

Oriental Lily. Oriental lilies are the Cadillac of lilies. Tall, stately, trumpet shaped, and a heavenly fragrance.  I got hooked on these a few years ago and have collected them since. 

Again, they are easy to grow. You’ll find many different colors. Grow in full or partial sun. Be aware that they do get tall. They will stand above the other flowers. But they do add a “Pop” to your garden. They bloom for a long time and when they are done, you can cut them down. 

Lilies are a fail safe flower. I love the various colors and patterns. They are enduring and will increase. They transplant very well. A good investment in your garden. 

Most garden centers sell them. I’ve bought bulbs online for the rare kinds. There are even some daylily farms around where they let you come and dig them up. I suggest googling “daylily farms” and see what’s in your area. 

If you’re lucky like me, you’ll have a friend or neighbor who will share a start. Eighty percent of my daylilies I’ve acquired that way. 

In closing...If you want butterflies, you must plant flowers.