Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rambling Thursdays

I’ve been busy as a bee the past month in the garden. Spreading mulch, planting flowers, transplanting, weeding, spraying. Finally I’ve been able to take a breath and start to enjoy my flowers. One of my favorites are Lilies. 

In my flower gardens I have plenty of them. I consider them a staple, a must have in any garden. They are easy to grow, no fuss, no maintenance.  The perfect perennial. 

There are three different kinds of lilies and in today’s Rambling Thursdays let’s take a look at them.  

Daylily. I have many daylilies and to be honest they can be addictive. They are so easy to grow and in a few years they expand and will need to be thinned out. There is a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from. 

The reason it’s called a daylily is because every morning there will be a new flower. But don’t worry, there will be so many blooms that you’ll enjoy them for weeks. 
They prefer full sun, but they do well in partial sun as well. There are many different varieties that will bloom early summer through mid-late summer. I have one that will even rebloom in the fall. Most of my flowers are daylilies. Simply can’t go wrong.

Asiatic Lily. Asiatic lilies are grown from a bulb that you plant in the fall or spring.  Again, just like a daylily, they are a low maintenance flower. There are many different colors and patterns as well. They are so beautiful and add such appeal to my garden. They just “pop”. 

The flowers last a long time and a single stalk can be full of blooms. Plant them in full or partial sun and you’ll have a beautiful show the first half of the summer. 

Since it is a bulb, it won’t take up much room. Also in a few years you may need to dig them up and spilt them, which will give you more. 

Oriental Lily. Oriental lilies are the Cadillac of lilies. Tall, stately, trumpet shaped, and a heavenly fragrance.  I got hooked on these a few years ago and have collected them since. 

Again, they are easy to grow. You’ll find many different colors. Grow in full or partial sun. Be aware that they do get tall. They will stand above the other flowers. But they do add a “Pop” to your garden. They bloom for a long time and when they are done, you can cut them down. 

Lilies are a fail safe flower. I love the various colors and patterns. They are enduring and will increase. They transplant very well. A good investment in your garden. 

Most garden centers sell them. I’ve bought bulbs online for the rare kinds. There are even some daylily farms around where they let you come and dig them up. I suggest googling “daylily farms” and see what’s in your area. 

If you’re lucky like me, you’ll have a friend or neighbor who will share a start. Eighty percent of my daylilies I’ve acquired that way. 

In closing...If you want butterflies, you must plant flowers.

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