Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rambling Thursdays

Welcome to a new addition to my blog. A midweek pick-me -up. Nothing serious. Just light reading today. Be sure to stop by and join in. 

I am a trucker’s wife. My husband drove a big rig for about seven years now. I learned quickly to say yes to any invitations to ride along. 

Of course it’s wonderful to ride next to my man, but there are other delights along the way. I’m talking Epicurean delights. Wisconsin is one such place.

It is the cheese capital of the world. There are cheese houses everywhere. Mousehouse is one such place.  Full of cheese, sausages and all sorts of goodies. There are even cheeseheads for Packer fans. It was a "must stop" when we traveled to the cheesy state.

It got out of hand though one day. The day began in the wee hours of the morning. Our first stop was at a truck stop that happened to have a Subway. I love Subway, however it wasn’t remotely close to breakfast time, but hey it smelled so good, my hunger was stirred and weakened by lack of sleep, I buckled under. 

A few hours later we arrived in Wisconsin. My husband had previously made mention of a roadside cafe that he tried and liked. We were running ahead of schedule, so we stopped to have breakfast. Yes, it is now breakfast. I suppose we’ll call Subway a midnight snack? 

I waddled back to the truck. Needless to say, I was filled to capacity. I was done for the day! But there was more to come. 

We delivered our load and turned around to head for home. We took another route home. Why? Because of the aforementioned Mousehouse. And also next door stood a A & W root beer stand. 

We bought a few goodies and then my husband suggested we do lunch. Yea, I know. I hadn’t had a hint of a hunger pain since the wee hours of the morning. I should have stood my ground and said thanks but no thanks. But hey, it's A&W! We really don't have them anymore around our area. It's A&W and I may never come this way again! So I said "Sure", but my gut said, "Don't you dare!" 

But nevertheless, I forced down more food to my harassed stomach. By now I was in a food coma

My gut felt like a rock, distended and bloated. I felt like Adam Richman after one of his crazy Man vs Food challenges. 

I hardly ate the next day. Probably didn't need to eat the rest of the week!

Lets just say I ate my way through Wisconsin that day. 

Anyway, next time you are in the cheesy state, pace yourself. Yours truly, "Glutton for punishment"

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