Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rambling Thursdays

This year is the One Hundredth year for our National Parks. It all began in August 25, 1916. There are 59 national parks that belong to you. That’s right...they belong to us. 

I have visited many of them. Some of my fondest memories includes beautiful landscapes and surreal moments. Times when the words, “wow, how beautiful, amazing” just don’t do it justice.

Standing on the pillar at Perry’s Victory National Monument with my Son and looking over Lake Erie.

Gazing in awe at the Milky Way spread out over the night sky at Agate National Monument in the Nebraska prairie. And an added bonus, the Northern Lights made an appearance.

Seeing the wagon ruts at Scotts Bluff National Monument. 

Awestruck at the immense Yellowstone valley and its beautiful waterfall. 

Seeing a Buffalo for the first time in the Badlands National Park and realizing it’s not fenced in. 

The reflection of the Tetons in Lake Jenny. 

Standing on a mountaintop in Rocky Mountain NP. Breathless and amazed at the widespread 360 views. 

Watching the sun creep into the vast Grand Canyon and enlightening the various rock walls. The sun glistening in the river gorge. It truly was surreal.

Walking amongst the red glowing rocks at Arches NP. I never knew the desert was so beautiful. The snow covered mountain in the distance added drama to the landscape. 

Looking over a otherworldly landscape at Canyonlands NP. It looked like something from Mars.

I dream of these moments many times and wish I could be there again. 

My son has been a Park Ranger the past few years and he loves showing off the Parks where he’s served. He has introduced me to the National Park Passport book. 

Every park sells them, but also you can get them on Amazon. There’s a section for each park, and it comes with a map showing the parks. 

It’s really fun to collect stamps when you visit each park. Each visitor’s center has a station where you can stamp your book. I also collect pins and display them in my office. Each park has their own unique pin. 

Our National Parks are a great destination or just a stop-over on your vacations. I’m sure there are some within driving distance of your home. Or go on that epic road trip. Get out there and make some memories. The memories I have collected are priceless. 

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