Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rambling Thursdays

It’s been awhile since I wrote a Rambling Thursdays post, so I’m indulging today. This time of year is always kind of bittersweet. I’m sad to see summer end, but I love Fall. 

It’s been a great summer. The flower gardens have put on a wonderful display. I’ve ate some tasty tomatoes. Gazed on Yosemite. Sat around some campfires. Ate savory BBQ. Rocked on my porch. Ate homemade ice cream. Had some awesome cookouts. Is it any wonder I’ve put on a few pounds? 

Fall is here. It smells and feels different. Wet leaves. A whiff of smoke. Tangy apples. Crisp air. Yes, crisp; lovely crisp air. What a wonderful sensation that is after enduring hot, humid, sticky days. Combine this with hot flashes and you have misery. 

I pulled out my Fall/Winter clothes and decided I needed a couple of pieces to add. Of course there may be the occasional “I have to get this now”. You’ll always have that right? Will this be the year I buy a poncho? 
I hesitated last year due to the hot flashes I mentioned above. Why would I wrap a blanket around me? #hotmeltingmess 

I received a box of Tulip bulbs and Grape Hyacinth bulbs in the mail. I  ordered these in the spring. I looked at the catalog with excitement, Oh wouldn’t that look great in this garden? I love this combination. Then reality hits in October. This means I have to plant the bulbs. I’m talking about approximately eighty bulbs. What was I thinking???

Football is here and I’m loving it. I miss it so much after the Super Bowl. But alas, my beloved Colts have sputtered at the beginning and lets not talk about Notre Dame. I’m not even going there. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it.  I am a loyal fan regardless. Best reality TV EVER! 

It’s soup making time! I made chili last week and I’m making chicken noodle soup tomorrow. I love soup. A large pot will last a couple of days. Saturday was our annual Chili supper/Hayride. We have had this for years now and what a time we have! Such fond memories of pushing the hay wagon up a hill, to avoid being stuck. Then the time the tire blew a mile from home. There’s always some unexpected excitement. 

This hayride was amazing. A beautiful sunset glowed on us, with the moon adding to the aura of the evening. The silhouette of a deer on a hillside with the glow of the sunset behind. Seeing the sparks of our bonfiire from afar flying upward. It was wonderful and I’ll never forget it. 

Anyway, I hope you get out there and make your own fall memories. Take a hike, gaze on the autumn colors, drink apple cider, go on a hayride, enjoy a football game. You get the idea. Fall lasts just so long. Enjoy it. 

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