Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rambling Thursdays

I’m sharing another travel location on today’s Rambling Thursdays edition. If you enjoy antiques, flea markets, food, cheese, anything Amish made; then Holmes County Ohio is for you. Click here for a website full of information. 

Holmes county has gentle rolling hills with neat as a pin farms. Charming villages dot the county.  We spent an enjoyable weekend. I would go back again. 

Millersburg is the centerpiece of the county. It is a quant town with plenty of shopping. You could easily spend a day here. Other nearby towns are Sugarcreek, Berlin, and other tiny villages. Click here for maps. Each town has something for you. 

We stayed overnight in Millersburg. Click Here for a list of options. There are plenty of hotels or bed and breakfasts. 

If you can’t find food, cheese or a baked item, there’s a problem. These wonderful items are Everywhere! The hard choice will be what to eat now and what to take home. Make sure you bring a cooler. You will bring stuff home to enjoy later. Here is a list of all Amish Fare.

We ate at Chalet in the Valley, which as the name suggests sits in a beautiful valley. Right across from the restaurant is a cheese house, just in case you didn’t get that cheese fix yet. They serve authentic Swiss and Austrian cuisine. The building alone looked like it belonged in Switzerland. The food was really good. Highly recommend it. 

The county is full of antique shops, flea markets and various other shops. You will find something to buy. I guarantee it! Here is a shopping guide. 

While you are in the area you must visit Lehman's in Kidron, which is just to the Northeast of Millersburg. The 35,000 square feet store is a unique shopping experience. There are items here that you will not see anywhere else. Plan to visit for awhile, it’s that big! 

Just to the west off of US 30 is Orrville, home of Smuckers.Yes, the jam. They have an awesome store. We’ve been here a few times and always leave with a bag full of goodies. There’s a cafe where you can get a toasted PB&J with of course... Smuckers jelly. 

As you can see, this is a wonderful getaway to enjoy great food and shopping. Perhaps not so much for kids, although we did drive up to Canton to the Football Hall of Fame. Since both of us are huge football fans, we loved it. Kids would love this. 

I highly recommend visiting Holmes County. We loved our time there and would go back. Happy Vacation Planning! 

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