Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rambling Thursdays

Unplugged is a word that has entered my family lately. My son started a Park Ranger job in the panhandle of Nebraska last week. I’ve only been through Nebraska one time and through is the appropriate word as we were coming back from Yellowstone. 

I recall empty spaces and numerous buttes that rose up from the prairie. It was beautiful, but a bit eerie to a midwestern who is used to trees and neighbors within calling distance. 

Well, my son is in the wilderness now and he is officially unplugged. No internet, phone service, and no satellite, not even an antenna TV. He does have a radio, and a landline. It’s all new to him, and he freaked out at first. Thankfully he has a mom who suspected this would happen and sent him with books, yes gasp! Books! 

Anyway, this made me wonder how I would do in his situation. I watch Life Below Zero regularly. I am fascinated with all those people who live off the grid. One woman, Susan lives 500 miles from the nearest city and 80 miles from the closest road in Alaska. 

Now simply living off the grid, might be doable. I love to read, write, do puzzles, paint, garden and other various activities. But if Susan wants to eat, she has to go out and kill it. If my survival depended on me catching a fish, or nabbing venison, I’d probably starve. 

I love to fish, but I’m no pro. I’m just “throw the hook in and if there’s a fish nearby maybe I’ll get lucky”. 

I’ve never hunted anything. Does searching for a Cold Stone creamery on my phone count? I sat with my husband one deer hunting adventure. It lasted maybe an hour until I began to freeze. We ended up at a nearby diner for breakfast. 

The closest I get to unplugged is our company cottage in Southern Indiana.  No TV, or internet. I love it! I always feel so rested and relaxed when I come back home. But there are restaurants and grocery stores nearby too. 

Anyway I took this long trail to wind you around to this latest obsession of mine: Adult Coloring Books 

If I was going to a unplugged place, I would take my coloring book. These are selling like hot cakes. They can’t keep these in stock and it was backordered when I ordered mine. I waited with bated breath for three weeks until the wonderful day it arrived. 

I bought markers from wonderful Hobby Lobby and I have been having a high ole time coloring. So, in closing, as long as I don’t have to hunt or forage for food, yes I believe I could live off the grid. Could you???

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