Monday, September 14, 2015

A New Door

Hello my blogging friends. I hope you have been doing well. I wanted to share some changes happening to me here of late. When I started blogging a year ago I wrote about a life shift. It was a difficult time and I shared God’s faithfulness through this season. I’ve enjoyed encouraging you this past year. I appreciate your comments. It helps to know what I’ve wrote has made an impact. 

Now I’m going through another new door. I’m teaching an adult Sunday School class and it requires more Bible study, and more time. Therefore I need to cut back on my blogging. I won’t be blogging as much. I hope you will check in now and then. Whenever I can, I will post something. If you enjoy my pictures, I will post them regularly. 

This new opportunity of teaching is something I didn’t plan on and I don’t feel particularly ready, but God is faithful and I know He will equip me. He will bless what I offer Him. 

What about you? Is there a new door of opportunity open in front of you? Are you hesitating walking through it? Can I encourage you today? He prepared you for this moment. He equips those He calls. We probably never feel “ready”. It just makes us depend on Jesus more. When we lean on Jesus that’s when He shows up and works through us mightily. Go ahead and walk through that door. You will do great things for God. You have a testimony to share. 

I know you will do fine. Ministry isn’t always easy. Anytime you deal with people, there will be issues arise. Read 1 Corinthians and you’ll see what Paul was up against. Keep focused on Jesus and don’t worry about what people do or don’t do. They may not like you or your style, but you keep going after Jesus. He will sort all that stuff out. 

I pray that He uses you powerfully in your new opportunity. That you lean on Him harder and that you grow stronger in your walk of faith. If you think of me, please pray for me. I feel weak sometimes and just not up to the task. I’m sure you can identify. In reality, that’s just where God wants us right? I’m not confident in myself; in Jesus I can do all things. 

Bless you sweet friends. I appreciate you so much. 

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