Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Word for You

I shared about changes, new opportunities that have come in my life recently. God continues to surprise me. He’s good about that isn’t He? 

Saturday was my last Ladies meeting as a leader. I had to step down because of new responsibilities that will take more of my time and energy. I’m sad to leave, mostly because I will miss the closeness of our group. 

But God, (I love this phrase), blessed me this week unexpectedly when my neighbor ambled over and invited me to a Bible study. It totally took me by surprise. I said yes of course. 

I really didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I’ve never been a part of a Bible study full of strangers so to speak. Well, it was lovely. The women were a bit older than I, but there were a few my age. They were hungry for God and to learn from His Word. I loved my time with them and can’t wait for next week.

I received a confirmation there. I have been contemplating doing something for my last meeting with my ladies. I remember in Junior High School when a Life Skills teacher had each of us write something nice about a fellow classmate on a paper that had her name on top. I still have mine in a box. It meant the world to read gracious words written about me when I was a insecure mess of a teenager. 

The ladies at my Bible study shared how at a retreat they did the same thing and it was such a blessing to every woman. I knew then that I had to do this. 

It was a blessing to my ladies and to me. Gracious words shared filled our hearts. On those days when I’m feeling low, wretched, and out of sorts, I will open up this paper and read their kind words. These words will reaffirm that I am special and loved. I need to hear that now and then, don’t you? There is a powerful verse about words in Proverbs 18:21

“The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.”

The power of life and death...Wow! There are so many words we hear from day to day. Some not so good. Harassing messages from our past rise up ugly heads and hiss in our ears. Messages from the media that tell us we aren’t enough, we aren’t pretty enough, aren’t skinny enough, not talented enough, etc... Perhaps someone told you one time you were stupid, ugly, that you’d never amount to anything. 

These words have the power of death. If we listen and allow them to penetrate our hearts, they will certainly bring death to our spirits. 

But gracious words bring life to my spirit. The words I read on my paper are beautiful words. They tell me I am loved, I have made an impact, I am special. 

If God wrote on a paper with your name on top, what would He write? How does He feel about you? He’s already told you in His Word. 

He would write, “You are my daughter, my child. I have given you life, freedom, joy and peace. I have made you a new creature. I have transformed you. I have done my work in you and prepared you for good works. Now rest in Me. Know I am enough. I fill your emptiness. I make you sparkle. Now share what I have given you. Be the confident woman I made you to be. I love you my child. I held nothing back for you. I’ve lavished my grace upon you. I am with you and in you. You can do all things because of me.”

His Word has the power of life in it. Are you feeling wretched, low and out of sorts? Open His Word and read His thoughts for you. The Word will transform your mind, it is powerful. It is the Truth. 

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