Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rambling Thursdays

I took a rather lengthy road trip lately. All by myself. Previously the longest trip I’ve ever drove was four hours. So I was excited but a little nervous. The destination was the Western panhandle of Nebraska to see my son. He works as a Park Ranger at Agate National Historic Site. 

It would be a two day trip. Approximately eighteen hours. First decision: Music on the I Pod? Radio? Silence? I went with none of these. I discovered pod casts recently and listen regularly to Sophie Hudson’s “The Big Boo cast” and love it. So I subscribed to some and my listening pleasure has been enhanced. Here are some that I recommend:

*The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Kind of like talking with your best friend. She brings a guest and they discuss all kinds of girl stuff. Their conversations will encourage and bring a laugh. 

*Amateur Traveler. If you love travel, you will love this podcast. Wonderful, insightful information about destinations here in the U.S. or overseas. 

*Real Simple. Have you read the magazine? Different topics are covered. Relational, housework, work issues, and my personal favorite: Things Cooks Know. The only problem, is that I get hungry listening. 

*This American Life. This is a weekly public radio show. I just love it. The stories are so fascinating. It draws you in. Kind of like a 60 minutes, only miles better. Try it. 

*The influence Podcast: Interviews with inspiring women. Very encouraging. It never ceases to speak to my heart. 

*Grantland Podcast: I love football. Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays host this podcast and discuss all things NFL. One is a Bears fan and the other is a Giants fan. They always have great things to say. Sometimes they will bring other people in for a interview. 

The miles went by fast, (especially when the speed limit is 70), as I listened. 

My first stop was in Iowa at West Branch. I visited the Herbert Hoover Historical Site, and got my NPS Passbook stamped. It was much nicer than I expected. The house where he was born is there, plus other original buildings. His presidential library is there also. 

It is located right off I-80 and is worth a visit. 

Next stop was Winterset Iowa. It is John Wayne’s birthplace. A musuem just opened in the Spring and the house where he was born is there. Winterset is off of I-80 about 20 miles. Winterset has a quaint downtown encircling a beautiful Courthouse.  Within the Courthouse circle is the Northside Cafe

I ate there first. Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep ate here in a scene from “Bridges of Madison County”. I had a open faced beef manhattan and apple crisp. Fully satisfied now, I visited the museum. 

I love John Wayne and have so many of his movies. I recognized many articles from the displays. Clothes, a saddle, hats and even his personal car. It was so cool to see stuff that he actually wore from the movies. I was impressed.

They have a gift shop filled with all things John Wayne. You can sit in a miniature theater to watch a film of his life. Around the block is his birthplace, which is a small four room house. 

I stayed the night here in Winterset. I could have ventured out to see the Bridges of Madison county, all within easy driving distance. But I was road weary and ready to turn in. 

The next day would be a long one, as I would be driving the length of Nebraska and then up to the Northwestern corner. My next Rambling Thursday blog, I’ll share what we visited the three days I spent. 

What’s the best road trip you have been on?

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