Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Numbers Game

Numbers influence my life greatly. More than I like really. A simple number can make us depressed or make us feel good. It can change our perspective. Think about it...

I’ve been blogging for about an year and a half now. I’ve loved it and enjoy meeting new friends. But I went through a period of time where I was obsessed with my blog stats. I read blogs and listened to pod casts advising me how to improve those numbers. 

I worked hard at it, believe me. It took a lot of my time. It felt good to see the views go up and I was sad when the response wasn’t what I expected. In the middle of the summer I decided enough was enough! This was ridiculous. I was being pulled here and there, taunted by numbers. My life was full and busy enough. 

I went back to the beginning when I typed out my first blog, when I didn’t have a clue about blog stats. Just share my heart, what God gave me and let it minister to whoever reads it. He will lead the readers to me. And so I’ve had this approach with my blogging for a few months now. I feel so much more freer. I’m not overly concerned about numbers now. 

What about you? Are there numbers that taunt and pull you down? What about the dreaded scale? Yea, those numbers. I’ve lost about 30 lbs in the past year. I still step on the scale once every week to track my progress. I read somewhere that we should actually weigh ourselves everyday. 

I think that is a little much don’t you? Maybe you think once a week is too much? Well, I reason within myself these compelling thoughts: 

I put on a pound this week? Well, I guess I’ll cut back on the cupcakes. I’ll eat less of this and more healthy options. Doing ok? Well then I’ll have that bowl of ice cream. Like my reasoning? Hey anything to justify eating something sweet, just sayin! 

But seriously, I know that this is an issue that can be a struggle. This is a number that stirs up those ugly thoughts of how you look and feel about yourself. 

At our company health fair, we are measured as part of our health profile. Nothing like the nurse pulling out the measuring tape for your hips and waist to make your heart palpitate. 

How do you measure your worth? By your jean size? Your age? Your blog stats? Facebook friends and likes? Is this your guideline? 

May I tell you today beloved that none of these things contribute a lick to your worth? I struggle with insecurity at times just like you. If I get caught up in numbers, I can throw myself in a pit real quick. 

How do I measure my worth? Where is my plumb line when I’m off kilter? My worth, my life is built on the Cornerstone. “A tested stone, a precious Cornerstone for a sure foundation.” Jesus. 

My jean size, weight, stats, wage, etc... is an unstable foundation. All these numbers will change, sometimes day to day. Am I going to place my worth on sand? 

His love for me is steadfast regardless of my measurements, stats, likes, friends and age. In fact He numbers my steps and my hair. How’s that for numbers? 

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