Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rambling Thursdays

There’s nothing like pop in a bottle. Yes pop. We call it pop here in Indiana. You may call it soda, soda pop, cola, or just pop. Regardless what you may call it, it’s much better in a cold bottle. You can’t convince me otherwise. Back when I was a kid we drank all of our pop out of a bottle. I remember the pop machines that sold glass bottles. Yes, they did have pop machines like this, and yes I just aged myself. 

Slowly over the years the bottle seemed to go sadly away. But here of late the pop bottle is making a giant comeback. And I am positively giddy about it. Stores are selling them.  A farm store near us offers plenty of fizzy delights. Indianapolis has a cute store called Rocket Fizz  The motherlode of pop stores  is in Arcadia Oklahoma on Route 66. We stopped there on our vacation. Called simply POPS it is an awesome store for pop lovers. I found this cute one here:

We walked around the store, dumbstruck at the rows of beautiful bottles. Of course we walked out with some to enjoy on the road. Anyway, I thought for today’s Rambling Thursday episode I would expand on my favorites:

*Cheerwine. Dr. Pepper on steroids is how I would describe it. A great cherry fizzy drink. 

*Faygo Rock N’ Rye. Another cherry pop, but with a Vanilla flavor mixed in. One of my favorites. 

*Mason’s root beer. My favorite root beer. It’s hard to find though. We were so desperate one time that we actually ordered a case. It has a old keg style flavor. 

*Dad’s root beer. Another great root beer. Comparable to Mason’s. Dad’s also has a great cream soda. 

*Nehi grape or orange. Just like drinking a popsicle. 

*Triple XXX Root beer. Comparable to Dad’s. Not as good as Mason’s though.  

*IBC root beer. My local store sells IBC and I always grab a bottle when I’m there. Their cream soda is very good. 

*B&K root beer. I’ll make an exception here. It has to be in a mug at the drive in, with a hot dog thrown in. Need I say anymore? 

As you can see from my list I love root beer. I guess you can call me a root beer snob. I’ve tried many kinds and these are my favorites. 

What are your favorites? 

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