Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rambling Thursdays

Football is over. Now I am in the cold clutches of winter. There is snow on the ground and more is coming. It's going to be brutally cold the rest of the week. I'm not sugar coating it. I don't like this time of year. 

I've seen around social media lately people sharing the things that help them survive the winter. So for today's blog I will share my own:  

*My bird feeders. I am a bird lover and have many feeders around my house at strategic viewing spots. They truly brighten my day. 

*Coloring. Yes I'm all in the coloring book craze and love it!  

*My office/study.  I love sitting at my desk, gazing out the window at the bird feeder, studying my Bible, writing and reading.  It's become my favorite place in the house. 

*TV. Everyday before I go off to work, I DVR any potential shows and enjoy them at my leisure. I so love DVR. It has totally transformed my TV viewing. 

*Midweek dates. My husband and I have set a Wednesday lunch date. It's been a great way to break up the normal, mundane week. 

*My Bible study group. I am blessed to be a part of a great group of ladies who meet every Thursday. I love the fellowship and digging into the Word. It's been a lifeline. 

All in all, it really hasn't been such a bad winter. But this time of year I really begin to dream of warm, sunny days. I miss sitting on my porch. 

You know, it's just the little, simple things like I've listed above that get you through. I don't need a trip to the Bahama's to survive the winter, (although I wouldn't mind it, don't get me wrong!) 

What about you cold weather people? What gets you through? 

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