Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Living and Active Word

March 20, 2001. On this day I began journaling. Since I love writing, it’s only natural that I would delight in writing down my own “Notes Along the Journey”. Yes, that is how I came up with my blog name. 

I have five journals now. Five journals full of rich treasure that range from Bible study insights, special days, anguish, dejection, encouragement etc... As you can see, my journals run a spectrum of emotions I have experienced  over the past fifteen years. 

I remember clearly the day I sat down and wrote my first entry. I was approaching the end of a raging storm that was battering me and threatened to destroy my marriage.  

Of course I wasn’t aware of that at the time. Hind sight and all. At that time I felt like I was right in the middle of it. Yet I had peace and a settleness deep within that came when I surrendered and handed over the controls to the Great I Am. You can read about my story here.

At that time I worked nights. I would get up in the morning and go about the business of the day just like I did everyday. But Jesus began to lead me in another direction. I felt Him drawing me to His Word. To really study it, immerse myself in it. 

Now up to this point sadly, I was hit and miss when it came to my “alone” time with Jesus. He was now drawing me deeper. So on the morning of March 20, 2001 I sat down at my kitchen table with my Bible, the Matthew Henry commentary, (a gift from my brother) and my journal. 

My first entry was from Ezekiel 47. From that point on I studied the Minor Prophets, Daniel to Malachi. My life was never the same again. I was especially broken when I got to Hosea. Hosea will do that to you. 

The Word changed me as I immersed myself in it. It got in my spirit, and transformed my mind. I grew by leaps and bounds. My marriage was healed and restored. I even began to teach Sunday School and eventually led the Women’s group. And now a blog and occasionally speak. 

One memorable entry in my journal is on August 17, 2008. My women’s group had a weekend retreat. It had been an amazing weekend. A woman who I haven’t seen for a long time joined us. 

She told me something so incredible. “What happened to you while I was away? I am amazed at how you have changed and how God is using you.”

I was flabbergasted. It blew me away. I believe God gave me that moment to show how I had grown. To show me the wonder of His handiwork. I’ll always treasure that moment. It proved how powerful God’s Word truly is. 

Beloved, when you take in the Word, when you immerse yourself in it, when it becomes vital soul food, I guarantee  it will change your life. Because it isn’t just words on a page. It’s God breathed. 

“It’s a lamp to your feet”, “It will not return empty”, “It is living and active”, “It’s living and abiding”, “It will remain forever”, “It will renew your mind”. 

It’s not just simply reading it that will change your life. It’s believing it and settling in it. I encourage you today to get alone with Jesus and allow your Teacher, the Holy Spirit to “Open your eyes to the wonderful things in the Word.” 

Leuchtturm is a journal that I am loving. It’s soft covered, it has numbered pages with a table of contents in the front, which is very useful. There are different sizes and colors. I love the paper. At the back is a hinged pocket. Also there are stickers included. 

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