Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rambling Thursdays

On today’s Rambling Thursday’s blog, I’m talking hair, yes hair. The fascinating subject of hair perked my interest after I saw a  picture of a sad soul who had a rather awful bad hair day. 

This poor woman apparently mistook building foam for hair gel and ended up in the emergency room. She took helmet hair to a new level. I’ve had my own hair mishaps over the years, but thankfully I’ve never ended up in the emergency room. 

But the lengths we women go through to have good hair! I remember what my mom went through with the hair rollers and hair pins. She had one of those bee hive styles and even had a little wig to cap it off. She spent a lot of time on that hair! 

Sometimes it seems as though things haven’t changed much. If you think about it, we do spend a lot of money and time on our hair. I often thought that if I came into a fortune, I’d hire a hair stylist who would do my hair everyday. No more hair concerns then! 

We spend money on flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, pastes, gels, shampoos, conditioners, and hairspray. Not to mention carving out valuable time for hair appointments. Of course it’s worth it. I’ll fork out the money. I’ll sacrifice an hour for a highlight. I want to look good. The problem is that my hair doesn’t want to cooperate.  

You see I’m one of those who have very thick, wavy hair. Back in the eighties I permed it. Why, I don’t know. It’s what my friends did and it looked great on them. I looked like a poodle. I’ve tried letting it grow, picturing soft flowing locks. Instead I looked rather wooly. Now I keep it short. 

It has to be thinned out every month. And I do mean every month. I remember fondly a smart aleck kid telling me I had helmet hair after I delayed my next appointment.  Don’t tell me words don’t stick to you. I remember and take them to heart! 

It can take on a life of it’s own, if left to itself. So I keep it trimmed short. I gaze longingly at the short hair styles on Pinterest and wish I could look like that. My beautician can certainly come close. I love going to her, I leave with great hair, but alas after 24 hours it’s back to “blah”. 

I figure that there is a two week span it looks pretty good. It behaves and lays just right. I don’t have to fuss over it much. But then it gets heavy and troublesome. I go back and get a pound trimmed off again. 

The summer months are the worst. Humidity is my nightmare. My hair transforms to fluff and becomes uncontrollable. No amount of flat iron use controls it. I have to resort to blobs of gel and hope for the best. 

Anyway before I leave, I’ll show you what has worked for me. 

Shampoo and Conditioner: L'oreal Power Moisture

The website says, “New & improved Power Moisture Shampoo. Formula powered by Hyaluronic weightlessly quenches and softens dry locks, sealing in a clean feel with no weigh-down.” 

Now I don’t know what Hyalouronic means or what it supposed to do, but I like it. I does quench my dry locks, cleanses, and it doesn’t weigh it down. 

Previously I had used Pantene for years. I had a beautician advise me it was the worst hair product EVER. She recommended L’oreal. I haven’t regretted it. I’ve been very happy with it. 

Hairgel: TRESemme'

The website says, “If you need staying power for that must-have runway look, consider hair gel the answer to your styling needs. Maximum hold, resistance to humidity, and the added benefit of lasting shine: what's not to love?”

Oh yes, what’s not to love! I’m not planning on strutting down any runways soon, but I will say it’s wonderful for muddling through 90% humidity. It works girls. It’s doesn’t have the tenacity of building foam, but it holds! 

Hairpaste: Aquage

The website says, Powerful texturizing product combines the flexibility of a wax with the hold of a hairspray. Non-greasy, tacky formula lets you direct hair with fingers to create lasting texture with a satin finish.

The key word here is fingers. I put a pea size dot on my fingers, style my hair and Boom! No curling iron, flat iron...just my fingers. Well...almost anyway. 

I bought it at the Beauty shop after my lovely beautician recommended it. Yes it does cost more than hair gel. I use it in the cooler months. I found that even hair paste is ineffective against humidity. And probably building foam as well. 

So in your quest for great hair, I wish you soft, flowing locks. Let nothing stop you in your quest! 

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