Monday, October 6, 2014

The Unqualified

Almost ten years ago, I was offered the Women’s leader position in my church. I wasn’t exactly bursting with confidence at the time. I was actually nervous and unsure about this big step. I felt rather unqualified to be honest. 

But there was one thing I remained sure about: God placed a heart within me for women. I desired deeply for them to experience the heart of God, to be healed of inner hurts, and to grow into what God had purposed for them. 

So I stepped unsteadily through this new door and now years later I stand once again looking back at this door. If you have been following my blogs, you know I had to give up my position because of my job situation. 

I have changed so much since I first walked through this door. I’ve been stretched and found myself filled to overflowing. I’ve proven my God over and over again when I’ve leaned hard on Him, when I saw the results of what I offered Him. 

It hasn’t always been a rose strewn path. I’ve seen drama, I’ve had a woman point her finger in my face and tell me straight up I wasn’t what she expected out of a leader. I’ve had disappointments, experienced lean seasons. 

I want to share with you some things I’ve learned that hopefully will help you in whatever leadership position you’re in. I’ll just be sharing from my heart. Many times I’ve just wanted to sit down with a fellow leader and spill my heart. Sometimes there wasn’t anyone, but God did send people across my path who were such a help to me. Whatever you do, don’t disregard these people. You need someone to share your heart. However strong you may think you are, you can’t do this completely alone. 

I hope I can be that someone for you through the upcoming blogs. 

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