Monday, October 20, 2014

The Storeroom

When the Lord opens new doors of ministry for me, it can be intimidating. I struggle with feelings of inadequacy. “What do I have to offer? I’m not educated or trained”, etc... 

Then there are times when I minister to others I feel my weaknesses and inadequacies so strongly; it feels almost foolish to try. I truly feel that I have nothing to give. It seems much safer to keep what I do have, rather than give it away. 

I have felt drained to the core. One more demand, one more pull at my vessel will surely take me over the edge. Just place me back on the shelf, thank you. 

Nevertheless, I have found that when I take my eyes off myself and allow the Lord to minister through me, I always find His anointing there. He truly is enough. 

If you are really struggling, let me encourage you today. In Matthew 13:52 it says,  "Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”

The Lord gave me this verse years ago to assure me. There’s a great word picture here. Picture with me a room in your house that is full of beautiful treasures. Treasures that you have collected through the years, or that was given to you. Every time someone special comes to visit, you take them to this room and show them your precious treasures. 

Not only do you share these treasures, but your visitors leave enriched with one of them in their hands. And so it continues to bless them, and it blesses the ones they show it to. It’s a beautiful progression. 

Dear sister, you have a beautiful storeroom in your heart. God has prepared you through the years and placed beautiful things inside you. Treasures that are uniquely yours. And that will bless others that you open your heart to. 

Not only has He prepared you, but He also prepared the hearts of those who will come into your life. Call it a Divine connection, if you will. 

In other words, He has given you the treasures and He will bring the people to you. You just need to open your heart and share them. 

You are beautiful. You have much to share. Please don’t shut yourself up. Give freely and you will find your storeroom filled to overflowing. 

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