Thursday, July 2, 2015

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                                               The Attack of the Skinny Jeans!!

So I have a theory, an observation I came across last week. You don’t wear skinny jeans to help move or to do any physical activity of any kind. I mean come on girls! 

I’m sure many of you heard about unfortunate girl from Australia who was helping a friend move and ended up in a hospital getting those skinny jeans cut off. Her legs and feet were so numb she could not walk properly.
The woman said she was unable to stand up after falling because of the temporary paralysis and swelling. 

It took four days of bed rest and IV fluids in the hospital before she was mobile again. Doctors say she was fortunate that she had emergency intervention before the condition damaged her kidneys.

Now shouldn’t this be a no brainer? If I wore skinny jeans, I would probably traumatize those who unfortunately laid their eyes on me. I just won’t go there. 

I don’t wear skinny jeans, because well, I’m not skinny! I probably couldn’t get them much past my knees much less my expansive hips. And if miraculously I did get them on, I would probably end up in a clinic getting them cut off! 

Shopping for new jeans will probably be in the near future for me. I’ve lost some weight and my current ones are rather loose. I really don’t relish trying on new ones. I’m tall, long waisted and big hipped. It can be a challenge. All of my friends have unique challenges when it comes to jeans. I used to bemoan my body issues, until I went shopping with some of them. After seeing what they go through, I don’t complain anymore.

One of my friends has a daughter-in-law who wears a zero.  Yes, you read right and yes I did a double take as well. I never wore a zero in my entire life! This same girl though one day forgot to eat. Forgot to eat! Who does that??? 

For you younger gals, way back in the day jeans used to fit far above your waist. Now they sit at your waist, or below. I don’t mind the “sit at the waist” jeans at all. But the problem is finding one that sits at my waist. What inevitably happens is they sit too low, (long waist issue) then a muffin top ensues.  

I feel like I need to hike them up all the time. And Lord help me when I sit down. Yes, it’s a challenge. This is the reason I never buy jeans online. 

It’s crazy isn’t it? You can line up 10 pairs of jeans, all the same size and they will all fit differently. Then it involves pulling them up, zipping them up, and peering in the wrap-around mirrors. That way you get the effect of what people see behind you. After all the back end view is so important! I just don’t relish the experience. 

Then if you do find a pair, better enjoy them because you’ll never find that same pair ever again! As soon as you leave the store, Bam, it’s out of style and will never be made again. 

Anyway, I’m sure you all can relate. I wish you all well on your endeavor to find the perfect jeans. 

So are you searching for any new jeans? 

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