Monday, November 24, 2014

The Vault

There’s an old story about an Navajo indian who had become rich because oil had been found on his property. He took all the money and put it in a bank. His banker became familiar with the habits of this old gentleman. Every once in a while the Indian would show up at the bank and say to the banker, "Grass all gone, sheep all sick, water holes dry." The banker wouldn't say a word -- he knew what needed to be done. He'd bring the old man inside and seat him in the vault. Then he'd bring out several bags of silver dollars and say, "These are yours." The old man would spend about an hour in there looking at his money, stacking up the dollars and counting them. Then he'd come out and say, "Grass all green, sheep all well, water holes all full."

Sometimes it seems like life piles on us. One hit after another. Or it’s a constant trial that just won’t let up. It can be difficult during these times to be “thankful”. It can be hard to see any good that can come out of all of this. 

We forget how much we have, how blessed we truly are. If this speaks to you now, come with me and lets open the vault of God’s word, let us pull out the wealth that is yours and mine. 

Ephesians chapter 1 always reminds me that I’m blessed in the Heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. He chose me. He adopted me. I have redemption through His blood. I am forgiven. 

The riches of God’s grace has been lavished on me. His Spirit dwells within me. His great power is working for me. 

This is just in one chapter. There are countless other bags of wealth left in the vault we could bring out. 

We have to make an effort sometimes to be thankful. It is a choice that doesn’t come easy in the rough seasons. We choose to remain in our despondency, or we rise up and remember. 

David encouraged himself in the Lord, when he was going through a rough time. That’s exactly what we need to do. I can testify to you that it works. My perspective changes, my spirit is uplifted. 

Your God has not abandoned you. He brought you through past trials, He is with you now, and He is already in your future trials. His grace is sufficient for you. He has lavished His grace on you. Encourage yourself in the Lord. You’ll find He is enough. 

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

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