Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rambling Thursdays

We had our first snowfall on Sunday. It looks and feels like winter now. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of winter. I just miss sitting on my porch basking in the sun and warmth. I miss tending my flowers. If it were possible, I would be live in warmer climates through the winter and I wouldn’t miss it at all. 

Anyway, there are some things I do enjoy through the bleak winter season that gets me by until spring. 

Birds. Yes birds. I am a avid birdwatcher. I have bird feeders located at strategic areas around my house. Various woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, white crown sparrows, bluejays, finches and juncos visit everyday. You know it’s really winter when the juncos come. They truly are snowbirds. 

My feather friends bring such enjoyment. Put out a bird feeder and they will come!

Reading. This is the season when I settle in with a good book. I so love my books. It truly is an escape. The characters in my favorite books inspire me time and again. I have a small library of favorite books. I also discovered that I can download older books free on my I Pad. So I’m checking out some classics. 

Sunshine. Whenever the sun pops out it really gives me a lift. If I am outside or in the car I soak it in. Vitamin D, you know. 

Weekends out. I look forward to weekends with my husband. Usually we try to go out to eat. Or just walk through the mall. Nothing fancy, just a break from the routine. 

Comfort food. This is the season for hearty soups, stews, casseroles...well you get the idea. Good food makes me happy. And I enjoy creating something yummy in my cozy kitchen. 

Projects. Usually I try to tackle a new project for my house in the winter. This winter I’m finally redoing my laundry room. It was way overdo. I threw out old ugly pvc shelves, replaced them with a cute table, and bought some signs from Hobby Lobby. I’m not done yet, but I’m loving what I’ve done so far. 

Football. Football is the ultimate reality tv. I love watching it. It especially heats up in December and January, deciding the playoff fates. After the Super Bowl, my attention then shifts to Basketball which occupies me till Spring. 

Seed Catalogs. Probably in a few weeks I’ll start getting these beauties in the mail. It’s so fun to look through them and plan out my garden. You can get most of them free. If you order, you’ll be guaranteed to get them every year after. 

My Study/Office. This is my favorite room in the house. This was a project I tackled a year ago. I bought a new desk, put pictures up and bought some wall gallery stuff, (from Hobby Lobby of course.) My desk looks out over a bird feeder and the side yard. This is where I write, study and pray. I’m surrounded by my books, Bibles and journals. 

So as you can see, these small things keep me going and also inspire me. But truthfully, long about March, I’ll be longing for Spring to return. What about you? What keeps you going through the winter? If you are blessed to be in a warm climate, enjoy! I wish I could be too, but I’ll make the most of my winter season. 

I’ve included a link to a blog post I wrote about seed catalogs. Click right here. Enjoy. 

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